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Facade renovation is a big project for all housing associations, but with the right partner, the work is painless. Every property gets older and over time the condition of the facade deteriorates. So it is good to start planning the facade renovation in advance. A well-planned and timely renovation will significantly reduce costs. The stylish and well-made façade also serves as a selling point. The facade of the property is the first thing a person sees from a building.

Duration and time of facade renovation

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When you should do a facade renovation?

Facade renovations are normally carried out about every 20-50 years. The time of the renovation is affected by the current condition of the facade and the materials used. The condition is survayed by having a research professional commissioned. The exterior cladding of a facade may not tell you the actual condition of the facade. Project planning should start well in advance, as planning can take up to 2 years. It is therefore advisable to discuss the matter at the general meeting and request a survey from professionals.
Facade renovation coming up?
Facade repairs usually take from a few weeks to several months.
Renovation will be cheaper if the planning is started well in advance.
An experts study will help you understand the true condition of your facade.
In connection with the facade renovation, it is also good to renew other external structures such as balconies.

Nuisances of facade renovation

Depending on the property, the project will cause some degree of housing disadvantage. The location of the apartment in the property has a significant impact, as in some houses only one side at a time is covered with covers. The windows will be protected and the old structures will be demolished. Noise and dust nuisance is caused by protection and demolition work. Air conditioning in the property often needs to be turned off to prevent dust from ending up inside the property. The noise nuisance caused during the facade renovation itself is less.

Price of facade renovation

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How much does a facade renovation cost?

The cost of the renovation varies from € 100 to € 600 per square meter. The price is based on the building materials used and the method of repair. The costs of facade renovation are often shared among the shareholders of the property.

Get a professional to assist

Let us carry out your facade renovation.

Surface plastrering

We offer all types of plasters, including plaster shingles, triple plaster, splash plaster, gypsum board installation and traditional plaster. Our main business is surface plastering and we have been in the business for several years.

surface leveling

Leveling the floor is an important part of construction projects. It is central to achieving the correct u-values. Smoothing ensures proper leveling of floor and wall materials during construction work.
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The remodeled surface is easy to paint to your liking. The paint emphasizes and gives a really stylish finish to any surface. When renovating a facade, it is easy to modernize the exterior of the building or restore it while respecting old colors.

Construction of a balcony

In connection with facade renovation, it is also good to renew other structures. Renovation or construction of balconies is easy to do in connection with the renovation. The balcony increases the value of the property and it is cheaper to do it in connection with the facade renovation than later separately.
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